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Child Reading in the Grass

Erica Klein

BA, ECE, TEFL, Owner & Founder of Grasp Reading

Barton Reading and Spelling tutoring for those with dyslexia and related learning challenges.

General Reading tutoring for beginning or emerging readers.

Reading Tutor

At Grasp Reading, we are passionate about helping people improve their literacy skills and overcome struggles with phonics, decoding, and fluency.  Research has shown that the best reading instruction is multisensory, systematic, explicit, structured... and fun! Some children take off quickly, some need more time, but everyone benefits from understanding how the smallest bits of our language (the phonemes) work together with the letters (graphemes) to represent millions of words.  For those with dyslexia or other learning challenges, we use the Barton Reading and Spelling program. I recognize the potential in each one of my students. Our tutors are reliable, empathetic, and prepared to meet your child where they are at. We are committed to being patient, adaptable, and professional Tutors ready to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re looking to get your young child reading, you feel your school-aged child is not getting the instruction they need at school, or there are specific challenges that you need to overcome, there is nothing more effective than being taught by a reliable Tutor. Grasp Reading services are available to students of all ages, gender identities, nationalities, and abilities. If you want to improve your English reading skills, we can help! Get in touch today so we can start working together!

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"...E. is obsessing about reading now since working with you. We got library books on Wednesday and he reads them several times a day and this morning before his wake up time he was also reading. And he also got to surprise his teachers that he could read yesterday at Montessori which he was VERY proud of."
-E's mom (All About Reading)

"T. expressed at bedtime that she’s noticing a difference in her spelling! She said she can hear more of the sounds in words! She was beaming with pride!! Thank You!" - T's mom (Barton)

"The teacher is humorous and witty and actively motivates her children to learn. There are plenty of teaching aids." -A's mom (EFL)

"Very loving teacher, good at guiding and encouraging, the child likes your class very much!" -Q's mom (EFL)


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