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Where do I start?
How do I Book a Class?

I've done my best to make the website user-friendly, but I am the first to admit that my abilities are limited when it comes to website design & building.  Thank you for your patience with a more cumbersome than I would like system.

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Where do I start?

If you are interested in becoming a Grasp Reading client, the first step is to book a fill in the Student information form.  You will automatically be sent login information for our student portal. Once you get this login information, you can sign into the student portal and navigate to the calendar on the left of the screen. Choose a "Consultation" from the available time slots and we will see you there!  Please do not book a lesson time slot, it will be cancelled.  This meeting will be a an online video call for the parent(s), caregiver(s), or adult student and Grasp Reading founder & owner to discuss goals, needs, prior assessments, etc. If you are looking for services for a child, the child should not be present for this meeting.​  After we've met, your next step is to book your first class, your free trial. This allows the student to see what a tutoring session will be like and gives us a chance do a quick screening and see if your child is ready for the Barton Reading and Spelling program, or if they first need Foundations in Sounds. We will have a bit of an assessment, a bit of a class, and a bit of fun.  You are under no obligation to continue after the free trial, but we appreciate you letting us know either way so that we can prepare accordingly. ​If you plan to continue with lessons, we operate on a monthly tuition system. We divide the year into terms and students are expected to commit to a term.  Payments are calculated and equalized for monthly billing. You take 2, 3, 4, or even 5 sessions a week. This saves you some money and helps everyone to get into the routine of tutoring on a regular basis, which is how you will see results.

How to Book Sessions

How to Book
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