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Where do I start?

If you are a new client, the first step is to book a "Meet the Tutor" session with me. This will be a quick 15 minute Zoom call for the parent/s or adult student and myself to discuss goals, needs, prior assessments, etc. If you are a parent/guardian booking for a child, the child should not be present for this. meeting.​After we've met, your next step is to book a FREE TRIAL class. This allows the student to see what a tutoring session will be like and gives me a chance to assess and determine a good starting point should you proceed with tutoring. We will have a bit of an assessment, a bit of a class, and hopefully a bit of fun.  You are under no obligation to continue after the free trial, I appreciate you letting me know either way so that I can prepare accordingly.​If you plan to continue with lessons, the best option is a package plan/subscription. This saves you some money and helps everyone to get into the routine of tutoring on a regular basis.  The subscriptions are set up to allow for 2 sessions a week with a bit of wiggle room for illness, holidays, etc. Two hours a week is the MINIMUM requirement for most students. If you are just looking for a bit of a boost for a younger student to get some extra reading practice, we can discuss the option of a weekly meeting. Weekly or more infrequent meeting may help spread out costs and time commitment in the short term, but I've found it does not save time or money in the long run because the student requires to spend more time on review or relearning forgotten information.

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How to share booking information