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Grasp Reading Services

Tailored Specifically to You

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Barton Reading & Spelling

One-on-one reading instruction for Dyslexia & SLDs

It is estimated that 15-20% of students struggle with dyslexia. Let us help you close that learning gap! Using the researched and evidence-based Barton Reading and Spelling, we can help students overcome their reading challenges. This system is thorough and intensive. A minimum of two 55-minute sessions a week will be required. Our flexible booking and online lessons allow you to keep up with remediation, no matter where you are! We always aim to provide engaging, confidence-boosting, fun sessions!

Evidence Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI)

One-on-one reading instruction

Finding a reliable, competent tutor can be a challenge. Teachers must be able to motivate and guide students to success. Some of our Grasp Reading tutors are trained in Linguistic Phonics through either Reading Simplified, EBLI or both. Through this "speech to print" approach to learning, students will enhance their phonological awareness, gain essential phonics skills, improve their spelling and writing, grow their vocabulary, increase comprehension, and more!  These lessons are suitable for all students regardless of age or abilities.  Whereas Barton is mostly geared toward students with Dyslexia, EBLI can be used both as an intervention or as general instruction. EBLI is also suitable for students with more cognitive challenges that may not meet the requirements for Barton. Reading doesn't have to be a mystery!  Once a student learns the keys to "unlock the code," you will be amazed at their progress!

Online Class
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