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Grasp Reading Services

Tailored Specifically to You

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Barton Reading & Spelling

One-on-one reading instruction for Dyslexia & SLDs

It is estimated that 15-20% of students struggle with dyslexia. Let us help you close that learning gap! Using the researched and evidence-based Barton Reading and Spelling, we can help students overcome their reading challenges. This system is thorough and intensive. A minimum of two 55-minute sessions a week will be required. Our flexible booking and online lessons allow you to keep up with remediation, no matter where you are! We always aim to provide engaging, confidence-boosting, fun sessions!

General Reading Instruction

One-on-one reading instruction

Finding a reliable, competent tutor can be a challenge. Teachers must be able to motivate and guide students to success. Using the All About Reading curriculum as a jumping-off point, students will cover phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension, ensuring no gaps in learning. Reading doesn't have to be a mystery! Lessons are engaging, confidence-boosting, and thorough. Learning to read should be fun!

Online Class
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