My Experience

Teaching Experience

Tutor of English as a Foreign Language

I have 4 years of experience teaching children from ages 3-16 years old online in an English immersion classroom. Attracting the attention of a 3-year old through a 2-inch box on their iPad is not an easy task, but is a challenge that I relish. Through my years as an English as a Foreign Language teacher, I learned to create a fun, engaging and encouraging classroom atmosphere to help children learn and develop their English language skills. I taught vocabulary, pronunciation, phonics, grammar, reading, and writing skills to 943 different students in over 6000 classes.

Early Childhood Educator

Before I had my own children (and moved to the USA for my husband's education), I completed my Early Childhood Education certification. I worked in a daycare in both the toddler rooms and preschool rooms. Young children require high levels of energy, patience, and flexibility. I am very comfortable teaching young students and adapting to their different learning needs.

Mother of 4

Parenting opens your eyes to children in a new way. Parenthood has not only increased my patience and empathy for children's struggles, but for the exhaustion and overwhelm that parents face every day. We were broke and lived in a terrible school district when my eldest was set to enter Kindergarten. I fervently researched and obsessed over how I could offer my children a private-style education at home.  I took courses on Montessori-style homeschooling and purchased many curriculums in order to give my children the start I desperately wanted them to have. My favourite part of this time was "Reading Lessons" and I taught my 4 children to read before they entered kindergarten (well, the last guy may have taken a bit longer). My experience with my own children and all the students I’ve taught has shown me that no two children learn exactly the same. I know that being flexible and adaptable, patient but persistent will help every child succeed.