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The Bossy E

CVCe, Bossy E, Magic E, Name Game E - there are many names for this syllable rule. What you need to know is that when a word has a Consonant-vowel-consonant-e pattern, the "e" usually makes the other vowel "say its name" or its "long sound."

Here are 2 activities to practice this concept. The games structure is the same, there are just different words. The student reads the word on a cloud. The words on the clouds are CVC words and closed syllables. The vowel will say the "short" sound, like in "hat, pen, fit, rot, but." The student then looks for the word that is the same but has a silent e on the end. Drag the words to match and hit "submit" when all the words are matched.

Of course, "Sam" and "same" are not related in anyway other than they have the same first 3 letters. This exercise is to have the student practice the Bossy E rule and notice how adding one silent letter to the end of these words changes both the vowel sound and the meaning of the word. As always, it is best to have a competent reader help your student to ensure they are reading aloud and reading correctly.

To play these games your student must:

  1. Know all the basic consonant sounds (b-z)

  2. Know the short vowel sounds (like in hat, pen, fit, rot, but).

  3. Be introduced to the long vowel sounds (when the vowels "say their name") for a, e, i, o, u.

  4. Be introduced to the concept of the "silent/bossy/magic E" and understand that we do not pronounce this letter, but its job is to make the other vowel long.

Happy Reading!

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