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Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI)

Those who have delved deep into the world of "Reading Wars" or "Science of Reading" may have heard about "OG" (on which the Barton and All About Reading programs are based).  However, there is more than one approach to evidence-based, structured, systematic literacy instruction.  EBLI is a linguistic phonics approach - the starting point is the sounds of the language (rather than the spellings).  This approach is suitable for almost every student, from the slow learner or profoundly dyslexic to advanced students looking to improve their reading speed and spelling.  Every component in each EBLI lesson and activity is purposeful and research-aligned. Extraneous work is removed and instructional time is streamlined. For students, cognitive load is decreased and less effort is required of them while at the same time, they experience improved literacy  outcomes.  For an idea of what some EBLI activities look like, you can check out these YouTube videos. These are also suitable (and free!) for adult learners to improve their reading and spelling independently.

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Barton Reading & Spelling Tutoring for Dyslexia

The Barton Reading and Spelling program systematically teaches students how to read in a multisensory, intensive approach.  Each lesson carefully builds upon the last. A student learns a new concept, practices it, applies it to reading and writing words, phrases, and sentences, and then learns the new concept.  Some "lessons" may take more than a single class to complete because understanding and mastery is more important than speeding through to the finish line. It is similar to the All About Reading system (below)  but it is designed for intensive intervention for those with dyslexia or related challenges.  The Barton program also focuses on Spelling simultaneously with reading.  Using activities, games, and color-coded letter tiles, you can begin to see the logic in the English language and overcome reading challenges associated with dyslexia.

For more about Barton Reading and Spelling, see here: Barton Reading.  Almost anyone can purchase and use this curriculum with their child, and it is a great solution if you have more time, energy (and patience) than you do funds to hire a tutor.  Being your child's tutor is not the best fit for everyone, so that's where Grasp Reading can help.

Reading Fundamentals with All About Reading

All About Reading is the curriculum Grasp Reading founder, Erica, used to teach her own children how to read.  Each session will include a review of previously learned sounds, educational and engaging activities, and reading through sounding out or "decoding" (no guessing allowed!)  Colour-coded tiles help students to see the different ways letters work together to create sounds. Interactive activities allow the student to practice using multiple senses. Parents are welcome to purchase the readers from All About Reading to allow your child to practice with level-appropriate DECODABLE materials at home. Repetition is the key to mastery, so allow your child to read to you (or read to them!) - even if it's the same story again and again and again!  All About Reading is another curriculum that a parent can purchase and use with their own child. If being your child's teacher or tutor is not ideal, don't feel bad. Successful people work to their strengths and delegate the rest. That's where we can help!

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