Reading Fundamentals with All About Reading

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Each of my sessions as a private tutor will include a review of previously learned sounds, educational and engaging activities, and a little homework.  Colour-coded tiles (or an app) help students to see the different phonemes. Interactive activities allow the student to practice using multiple senses. Homework can include optional practice activities online and simply reading to your child! You can also purchase the readers from All About Reading to allow your child to practice with level-appropriate materials at home. Repetition is the key to mastery, so allow your child to read to you (or read to them!) - even if it's the same story again and again and again!

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Reading Tutoring for Dyslexia

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The Barton Reading and Spelling program systematically teaches students how to read in a multisensory, intensive approach. It is similar to the All About Reading system but it is designed for intensive intervention for those with dyslexia.  Using activities, games, and color-coded letter tiles, you can begin to see the logic in the English language and overcome reading challenges associated with dyslexia.